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We all love her Wynonna Earp themed cakes on Twitter and we all wish these cakes could be delivered to our homes. Or at the very least that we could bake them like this Earper, Din aka @DinMeitar.

Who is Din?

Hey I’m Din, I live in Israel, I recently became a proud parent to my adorable dog named Nicky (adopted from shelter). I’m a professional pastry chef and have been working in the pastry industry for almost 10 years now. I found my love for baking after I finished Army service (conscription). I just couldn’t sleep so I baked (funny I know). After a while decided to turn it into a profession.

How did you discover Wynonna Earp?

There was a WayHaught compilation video on YouTube and I swear it haunted me for months. But I kept refusing to watch it, I just didn’t want to be disappointed. After some time I gave in and watched it and holy crap it changed my life. But what really made me want to watch Wynonna was the WayHaught scene in 1×09 when Waverly and Nicole have the “What? What?” moment and I just wanted to know the context, the minute I pushed play on 1×01 I was gone. E4L!

Them cakes

So, them cakes, how did that get started? How do you design them? What is your inspiration?

Before I really joined Twitter I was lurking a lot, and I saw so many amazing artist in the fandom. Fans who draw, write fanfic,  stitch etc (I have the biggest respect for them I wish I had even 1/5th of their talent). So I said to myself “I can’t draw, I can’t write but what I CAN do is bake! Maybe I can make Wynonna Earp cakes and that will be my special thing”, and that’s how it started.

The biggest inspiration is to see people’s reaction to the themed cakes So much joy and fun (like the menstrual angel cake). With every cake I make I hope I can still surprise people.

Nicole Haught cake

Every design needs homework and research. I try to find one thing that is on point for the character, or something funny. For the fondant design I sometimes use something (with permission) that a fandom artist designed. If I see a cool drawing I’d like to use for a cake I ask permission from the artist. I also make sure that the inside is also spot on for the character. Like the Nicole Haught cake, it’s a red velvet of course, but with cookies inside because Nicole is a tough cookie. Even the songs in the videos are specifically chosen.

Of course, your cakes are all so good, but if you had to choose one, which is your favorite and why?

That is a tough question, but I will go with the winning donut cake. We fought so hard for our show and when we finally officially won I just had to do something cool, colorful and interesting, something that show the true happiness.

We won!!

Are there any characters that are on your ‘definitely not going to make a cake for them’ list?

Yes there is a list but I’ll keep it to myself for now…

Where do all the cakes go when you finish them? Do you eat them all yourself?

Let’s say my mom, friends, family and coworkers are all very happy people.

You have also done some conventions. Which ones did you go to, what did you like about them? What was it like meeting the cast? Any special memories?

I have been to ClexaCon, Earp Expo, Love Fan Fest and For The Love of Fandoms. Each was special in their own way but I must say my favorite so far was Earp Expo. It was done well and just amazing.

Meeting the cast was special. I still remember fans trying to warn me before meeting Kat and let me tell you, nothing can prepare you for it. The way she makes you feel, like you are the only person in the room, pure magic.

Special memory is at ClexaCon, when I told Emily about the cakes and thanked her. Every moment after that when she saw me she kept calling me “Cakes!!”. I love her.

You’ve been to a con with your mother. What was that like? She’s also a big fan now right?

My mom is a big fan of the show but especially of Officer Haught, so I wanted for her to meet Kat! LFF was just announcing guests and when the Wynonna Earp ladies were announced, without hard thinking I got us tickets. The moment my mom met the ladies she was a goner. It was magic to watch it from the side. When Mel and Kat hugged her she teared up after, telling me how she didn’t expect to feel like this and how beautiful the ladies are inside and out.

Apart from that she was amazed by the other fans, the kindness, how funny everyone can be. For her it was a lot to process but now she waits for European conventions,  just like me. Basically I created a con monster, LOL.

What does the future hold for you, Wynonna Earp wise? More cakes? Planned cons? 

I’m always working and thinking about new cakes. Right now I have a list of what needs to be done and with season 4 starting, well I hope people around me stop their dieting already and let me go back into the kitchen to play!

Before 2020 went to trash, I was thinking about opening my own pastry shop. I put some plans in motion but that needed to be stopped (for now).

Same with all the cons that moved to 2021.

The minute the world will somehow go back to the new normal, plane tickets are at the ready and then it’s time to EARP!