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She represents the Earper fandom in Nepal and met her girlfriend through the show, meet Sadichchha, aka @sad_koirala!

Who’s Sadichchha?

Hi, I’m Sadichchha, 23, from Nepal which is a Southeast Asian country, known for the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. I live with my parents in a city called Hetauda. I used to work in a finance company but then I left due to personal difficulties that’s why I am unemployed for now.

I am very fond of singing which is like my biggest hobby of all. Apart from singing I like to watch tv shows and play games, mostly outdoor. Currently, I’m planning to work and take my study further.

How did you discover Wynonna Earp? What does Wynonna Earp mean to you? 

I found Wynonna Earp accidentally on YouTube when I was watching some reaction videos. I found a recommendation which was a WayHaught video. Honestly, after watching that video I couldn’t help but search for the name of the show. Not only WayHaught but also the genre attracted me because it’s my favorite genre.

After I started watching Wynonna Earp, I completely fell in love with it. This is more than just a show for me because it has helped me discover myself. I relate myself so much with Waverly Earp. This character means to much to me. If I hadn’t watched this show, maybe I would not have been able to accept myself or get to recognize what I was actually going through. That’s why I am forever grateful for this show and all the cast members for helping me find my sexuality.

What is it like being an Earper in Nepal? Are there many Earpers? 

Honestly, I feel like I represent the whole country because I haven’t seen or met any other Earpers here. I hope I will be able to meet other Earpers from Nepal in the future. Even though I haven’t met any other Earpers in Nepal, I have so many fellow Earpers all around the world. 

It’s such an amazing feeling to be an Earper. I associate it with kindness and love. I’m so grateful to be part of this fandom because it is the nicest fandom in the world. I feel so lucky to be part of it. It’s about accepting, giving, loving and most importantly being kind to each other. Earpers always respond and support whenever anyone needs any help. I feel so great to get to know all the people all around the world.

You met your girlfriend through Wynonna Earp right? That’s amazing! How did that happen?

Yes, I actually met my girlfriend, who is from the Netherlands, through Wynonna Earp. It happened that we were in a same Wynonna Earp group and we became friends.

After we started talking, we became close. We were so alike, we shared so many common things and it made me so happy. It was her who made me so happy. I then fell in love with her. Obviously I was nervous to confess my feelings at first but when I did, it was a life changing moment for me because she also had feelings for me.

Since then, we are still in a very healthy relationship and hope for an ever lasting relationship with each other. I feel so lucky to be with her because she’s beyond perfect for me, a very supportive, caring, understanding and loving person I could have ever imagined. I am very happy with her.

You haven’t been to any conventions yet right? If you could finally meet the cast at a convention, who would you love to meet?

Sadly, I haven’t been to any of the conventions yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, I really want to attend at least one Wynonna Earp convention in my life. If I ever get a chance to go to a convention, I would like to meet all the cast members, but the one person I’m dying to meet is Dominique. She’s such an inspiration to me. I’m so inspired everyday by an incredible person like her. The whole cast is like one family and I would be very pleased to meet them in future. 

What does the future hold for you, Wynonna Earp wise? Planned cons? 

I really don’t have any huge plans right now but next year or so I want to meet my girlfriend. I definitely want to attend conventions but I want to plan it with my girlfriend because it was the reason we got to know each other and we both want to go together.