Earper portraits

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As an amateur photographer I would like to gain a bit more experience in portrait photography. One way to get more experience is to ask other people to model for you. I have already shot some friends and family but I would love to shoot more people. I figured that since I will be doing a lot of Wynonna Earp conventions this year and that ‘one should only photograph what you love’, why not take photos of Earpers and maybe even make a series out of it, documenting this amazing fandom through portrait photos?

Since I am not sure how many people would be interested in doing this, I have created this page (and form) to get an idea of how many Earpers would be willing to model for me (and which cons they are attending).

What I am thinking about:

  • A shoot with you (alone or with a small group of friends)
  • Props encouraged (what makes you you?)
  • On the days leading up to the convention
  • During convention days: probably before or after convention hours (depends on if I am working for the con or not)
  • In/around the convention hotel / at a location you are familiar with
  • Of course you will receive digital (high resolution) copies of your photos

So, if you are an Earper and are interested in modeling for me at one of the upcoming conventions (thank you!), please fill in the form below and I will get back to you.

Check the conventions you will be attending